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[Bed-Stuy Brooklyn]: No More Starving Artists

Before the candidates have THEIR say come have YOURS at "No More Starving Artists" a Poetry Showcase/Open Mic presented by Talent Driven Network on Wednesday October 15, 2008

Flyer for 'No More Starving Artists'

The event is hosted by Mr. Chase and will feature two of Brooklyn own renown poets, Alkamal and Definition, giving a live reading from some of their works.

It will be held at Those Brothers Jewelry Lounge located at 914 Bedford Avenue [between Willoughby & Myrtle] in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn 11205. The Lounge, easily accessable by taking the G Train to the Bedford/Nostrand stop, features a full cash bar.

The doors open and we will be signing up performers starting at 6 PM and the performances start at 6:30 PM

When the debate starts sometime after 9 PM, DJ Dr. HollyHood will be piping it in on a live feed, mixed with music and live spoken word performance to creating an on-the-spot, not to be missed, evening of political, musical and spoken word improve!

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