Snookie Want Smoosh Smoosh! (not_kosher) wrote in bklyn_si_bands,
Snookie Want Smoosh Smoosh!

Calling All Music Producers and Engineers

One sub is opened but never used, the other is still factory sealed. The surround speakers (RS-3) were never opened either. Tha satellites were used gently less than 10 times. PICK UP ONLY in BENSONHURST.

These speakers sound phenominal, but I upgraded to professional studio monitors recently, and have no used to these anyone.

And if you're interested, I also have a Pioneer D509S 5.1 Dolby Digitial/DTS receiver, as well as a Kenwood DD/DTS receiver (sans remote) That I"m looking to get rid of. Everything is in perfect order, and you can find manuals to each and every item you're interested in purchasing by going to the manufacturers website in case of any trouble-shooting.

And if by some chance you're having a hard time finding specs or pictures of said items, try using Google's image searcher.
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