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Local Brooklyn/Staten Island Bands
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This community is for the local band scene, mainly those bands from Brooklyn and Staten Island. It's a place for musicians and fans to post upcoming shows, information about their band, and reviews of local shows.

When posting about an upcoming show please include the following:

(1) Band Name.
(2) Band Website/Email/Means of Contact.
(3) Band's genre/musical influences.
(4) Venue Name.
(5) Venue Website/Email/Means of Contact (if any).
(6) Date/Time of Show.
(7) Ticket prices (if known).
(8) Age restriction (if any).

Guidelines: The rules are simple.

(1) This community is specifically for local Brooklyn and Staten Island bands, but if you're band isn't from Brooklyn or Staten Island and you're playing at a local venue in either borough, please feel free to join and post!
(2) Reviews are welcome. Whether you're a fan or a roadie, feel free to glorify your favorite local band. Criticism is okay, but outright bashing and name-calling is not.
(3) Please be respectful to one another. Harassment will not be tolerated.
(4) Stay in topic. Spamming and off-topic (non-music) advertisements are not welcome.
(5) If you're going to post more than one picture, please us the LJ-CUT tag.

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